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Cheryl Shuman, Inc
468 North Camden Dr. #200
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

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Hotline: 800-560-7891
Phone: 310-450-7220
Fax: 310-594-8920

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Cheryl Shuman has waged innovative campaigns aimed at consumer and business audiences for more than 25 years.

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Headquartered in Beverly Hills with offices in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and New York, Cheryl Shuman has waged innovative campaigns aimed at consumer and business audiences for more than 25 years. Our core competencies extend to lifestyle, retail and consumer brands, entertainment, corporate communications, technology and special events.

Within these categories are specialties such as fashion and beauty, hospitality, product launches, film and television content, and the alliances of more than 200 talent and music personalities. We are a brand hothouse nurturing individualized client growth.


Working closely with leading managers and agents, Cheryl Shuman’s talent division provides service-intensive support to more than 200 personalities: from actors, musicians and producers to directors, screenwriters and novelists. We’ve nurtured the careers of some of entertainment’s best-known performers, and we work with emerging talent to navigate career success. Our talent roster brings strong cachet to this agency, enhancing our media relationships and providing synergy with appropriate corporate clients.


Cheryl Shuman serves a wide spectrum of corporate entities, from large multinational corporations to local institutions. Our services have been retained by media companies, product manufacturers, retailers and service providers, both privately held and publicly traded.

We work closely in developing communications strategies and messaging that project the unique voice of companies. Working with both B2B and B2C ventures, our services include media relations, strategic alliances, event marketing, media training and crisis management.


Cheryl Shuman represents iconic and emerging brands, developing buzz worthy campaigns that achieve results and enhance pop culture relevance. We help our clients to build and maintain a compelling message, sparking a positive dialogue with consumers. We’ll help define who you are, put you in touch with your target audience and build long-term loyalty.


Whether making a great first impression or keeping it fresh, destinations must work harder than ever in a consumer-centric world. Cheryl Shuman provides both corporate and special event support to hospitality brands seeking to distinguish themselves and connect with patrons. Our well-cultivated relationships with consumer, business and trade media benefit a breadth of clients: hotels, casinos and resorts…beauty salons and destination spas…restaurants and clubs…retail stores and even pop-ups.

Many of our senior executives cross over among Cheryl Shuman’s hospitality, events and corporate departments, serving as multi-skilled practitioners who can conduct long lead launch campaigns and mid- to short-lead grand openings with the same dexterity as ongoing brand support. Like a knowledgeable concierge, we make sure our hospitality clients are well served.


Cheryl Shuman’s events department has developed, executed and publicized thousands of celebrity soirees, charity fundraisers, and product launch parties, destination openings and more. We are attuned to the smallest detail of event logistics, with a strong level of advance planning and ground management. B|W|R works with brands – automobiles, digital devices, apparel, fragrances and more – to create signature events and to integrate their products into sponsored event platforms. And while we regularly launch hotels, restaurants and retail stores, we don’t just wage grand openings. We open minds through grand experiences.

For social advocacy clients, Cheryl Shuman knows how to lead effective events – whether fundraisers, milestone celebrations or mediagenic stunts – as well as full-service institutional campaigns, leveraging the power of celebrity for a breadth of worthy causes.


Cheryl Shuman has earned a solid reputation in publicizing a wide range of filmed entertainment properties. Our team has an extensive breadth of experience in launching and publicizing episodic series, specials and telefilms, from introducing new shows and working to keep established ones newsworthy to launching promising new TV networks and elevating existing ones.

We regularly attend and accompany clients to major U.S. and international film festivals, from Sundance to Palm Springs, Cannes to Toronto. Cheryl Shuman also offers unit, release, festival and award-season publicity for filmed projects.


Fashion and beauty are primary threads of Cheryl Shuman’s brand marketing division, which provides boutique-style service to brands from designer to mass. Skilled in editorial product placement, brand integration, celebrity seeding, social media solutions, promotions, partnerships, runway shows and large-scale events, the division offers a conduit to national/regional editors, producers, TV hosts and bloggers, as well as unique access to celebrity stylists, makeup artists and the entertainment community. Whether a retail brand, a niche beauty product, or a celebrity lifestyle brand, we tout corporate growth, launch new seasons and collections, spotlight trends, engage journalists through unique pitches and events, and solicit talent and tastemaker seeding for a well-rounded PR and marketing campaign.

Cheryl Shuman ‘s music division has generated millions of online, broadcast and print impressions for a diverse array of clients. The scope of our representation covers everything from album launches and special events to market-by-market tour support and marketing strategies. We carefully tailor each campaign to the client’s individual needs, generating buzz for new bands and amplifying the voices of established artists.


No other medium moves as swiftly or extends the reach of a message further than digital media. Cheryl Shuman is distinguished by our in-house expertise to develop comprehensive social media solutions. Incorporating social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and beyond, our campaign services can help clients create regular and compelling digital outreach, develop interactive experiences, build online communities, activate prominent bloggers, even encourage leading influencers in providing brand support in the digital space. In this ever-changing medium, our team strives to guide our clients in new and emerging social media trends that will engage fans and help empower them to become brand ambassadors, helping to virally share your message and positive brand awareness via digital media.

Our clients don’t lie.

  • "Cheryl Shuman is a great advocate and businesswoman. She is passionate about what she does and she uses that passion to inspire others. She is able to organize people and events efficiently to effectively achieve her goals. She has vision and believes in this industry wholeheartedly. I enjoy working with her and I know others do too. I can honestly say that Cheryl will do whatever she promises to do, and do it well!"
    Bob CaulkinPresident of Cannajobs
  • “Cheryl is a unique personality working in a demanding field, filled with diverse participants. Over the period of time that I have worked with her, she has held herself to high standards, driven towards excellence. The current position that she holds shall provide her the opportunity to flex her influential muscles, and to bring to bear on an industry accepted and attacked at the same time, the direction and leadership she has and knows how to use.”
    Warren MarkowitzPresident at Red Dragon Acquisitions LV, Inc
  • “I worked with Cheryl for many years in the film industry. She always had inventive ideas and was prepared and informative about the lines she represented. She has a wonderful and magnetic personality.”
    Bettina Tendler O’MaraCastlerock Entertainment
  • “Cheryl is an effective and skilled communicator whose involvement is an inestimable asset to the cannabis reform movement. Her cracking intelligence and welcomed positivity serve to highlight and reinforce her well-connected ability to get the word out.”
    Steve ElliottEditor, Toke of the Town at Village Voice Media
  • “Cheryl is a dynamic professional with deep industry knowledge and a broad network within the industry. She is insightful, proactive and results-oriented. Cheryl is our go-to person for all matters on the industry. I highly recommend anyone interested in succeeding in the industry to partner with Cheryl and Green Asset International.”
    Jonathan Miller President, Miller Gold Investments, International Entrepreneur, Investor and Investment Banker
  • “Working with Cheryl has been a blessing. She is thorough, responsive, articulate, and efficient, and her exceptional work is reflected in her record of success. ”
    Mason TvertCommunications Director at Marijuana Policy Project