Public Relations


A Public Relations powerhouse, Cheryl Shuman is the President and CEO of Cheryl Shuman Inc., a full-service agency based in Los Angeles with representatives in New York, Michigan, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Northern California.

Marketing Agency


A marketing firm with global reach, non-traditional marketing approaches and exceptional results. Cheryl Shuman Inc. has since developed into one of the most distinguished and internationally recognized firms in the industry.

Special Events


Specializing in lifestyle, entertainment and consumer markets. Capabilities include media coverage, special events, talent relations and more. She understands the importance of viral marketing as well as grassroots initiatives.


Cheryl Shuman is a great advocate and businesswoman. She is passionate about what she does and she uses that passion to inspire others. She is able to organize people and events efficiently to effectively achieve her goals. She has vision and believes in this industry wholeheartedly. I enjoy working with her and I know others do too. I can honestly say that Cheryl will do whatever she promises to do, and do it well!
Bob Caulkin, President of Cannajobs
I recently had the fabulous opportunity to work with Cheryl Shuman on the Good Day USA black tie event. She brought her friend Jason Gann (of FX's "Wilfred" to the event.She is a dynamic woman. I'm sure that her skills and charisma will help her new company be a smashing success.
Randy Kolker, CEO of Wizard Productions
I had the great pleasure and priviledge of working with Cheryl on an important and highly visible Public Service announcement campaign; R.A.D.D., Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving, Together, with the President of RADD, we produced PSA's with "A List "Musicians such as Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake and many others. Cheryl possess and extraordinary energy and enthusiasm which when combined with her razor sharp people skills and " PR antenna" makes her an invaluable addition to any marketing/event team. I would highly recommend her.
Chelo Eckhardt, President CE Consulting
Cheryl is a powerhouse of publicity and social networking. Her connections speak for themselves, but her personal touch in business is what I appreciate the most from this beautiful and intelligent go-to for information and networking.
Sharon Letts, Owner Secret Garden Productions

FashionCheryl Shuman helped launch fashion icon Starry Eyes reach revenues of $22 million and create a seven year relationship with the QVC Network. Starry Eyes also added product placement, production and branded entertainment divisions to their range of offerings.

CelebritiesCheryl Shuman has worked with Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and many other A-list stars. Her expertise led to regular appearances on The Today Show, Access Hollywood & Entertainment Tonight.

Product PlacementLeveraging the relationships she developed over the years in the industry, Shuman became the #1 go to person for product placement and EPK’s (Electronic Press Kits), as well as representing many top brands in the consumer goods industries.


      • C.E.O. & Founder of Cheryl Shuman® LLC.
      • Interviewed for 100′s of Television Programs, Newspapers and Magazines.
      • Offers Marketing Services, Celebrity Endorsements, Product Placement.
      • Maintains Well Established Relationships and Connections with Hollywood.